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  • Name: bobby puckett
  • Age: 57
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: owosso MI US
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People I look up to

Davey Allison
Evander Holyfield
Bobby Richie
Ex-Pres Clinton
The U.S.Navy S.E.A.L.'s and thier philosophys

Music I listen to

Classics to hip-hop and bebop and everything in between
I have favorites in every catorgory

Movies I like

anything with Michael Beck-HORSE,The Wariors,Xanadu
Clint Eastwood,Robin Williams,Bruce Lee,Eddie Murphy,&Will Smith

Books that moved me

anything by Louis LeMar-esspecially The Sacket's
Steven King

TV shows I watch

Smater than a fifth grader
comedy-Rodney Carrington
All in the family
Lawrence Welk

my home location is owosso Mi

My recent posts

No posts yet.

Interesting facts about me

The phrase "Been there-Done that" had to be written about me. I've can't think of too much I haven't gotten into.

Example friends

swoop has 1 friend(s)

Places to visit before you turn 100

The straits off Wasington state thru Alaska in late augaust
The Hawiian Islands
To see the Virgins in The Virgin Islands
The Cumberland mountains in the fall
The New England states in early spring
The freezer in the summer
Florida in the winter

Favorite photos

Upcoming events

Groovy quotes

This is AMERICA:Everyone has the right to free speech and noone has the right to tell me to me shutup}Bobby Puckett

I don't have to hate my opponante to win}Evander Holyfield

Every man has to know his limitations-Clint Eastwood}Magnum Force

No No NO Sir, Don't know any,Don't want any,Couldn't use them if I did,But you're more than welcome to come in sit down pass around the jug and tell some lies- but no more talk about NASCAR.{Harry to Cole Trickle in "Days of Thunder"

My blog

swoop hasn't made any blog entries yet!